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Good news! We are pleased to announce that from the 15th April 2021, Gloucestershire Archives at the Heritage Hub will re-open to the public.  Pre-booking is essential. Click here for further details.

How does your garden grow?

We have carefully selected and positioned the plants in our community garden. They provide year-round interest, offer sensory experiences and support wildlife.

Choosing and arranging plants can be both challenging and fun. Here, we worked as a team to think through the decisions that led to our lovely planted areas. First, there were the usual practical considerations. Things like the shapes and sizes of the beds, condition of the soil, amount of sunlight, and maintenance. Then there was our shared aim, “Offering a haven for people and wildlife”. So, we were keen to provide planting that would let people enjoy the garden in different ways. And we wanted to use native species where possible as they’re better for the environment and encourage insects.

We hope you like the results. Like all gardens, its appearance changes throughout the year and it’s continually evolving. Depending on when you visit, you might find the bright blooms of spring, heady scents of summer or fruit trees bearing an autumn harvest. If you’re able to keep on visiting (and we hope you can), look out for fuller borders. We’re hoping to achieve this naturally through normal growth and healthy insect activity.


With silver bells…

Unlike Mary’s garden in the traditional nursery rhyme, our planting is purposeful as well as pretty.

  • Some of the plants in the formal border attract bees, like the silvery-leafed Lamb’s Ear (Stachys byzantine).
  • We’re training four local varieties of heritage fruit trees to grow up the wall to your right. There are three apples and a plum. Good for jellies, jams and juices.
  • Rosemary, lavender, and our other lovely-smelling herbs can be tasty additions to recipes. They’re also useful for aromatherapy and medicinal purposes.
  • Our raised beds are ideal spots for producing organically grown vegetables. So, our community gardeners will have the satisfaction of growing their own healthy food.


And pretty maids…

Some of our plants are especially attractive: those that are delicate or magnificent; those with interesting shapes and textures; and those with stunning flowers. Others have been planted in ways that make them stand out, like the shade-loving ones in the white border at the far end of the garden. We all have our own favourites. Which are yours?

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