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Take One

Resources based on the National Gallery's "Take One Picture" scheme aimed at encouraging a creative response to heritage collections.

'Take One' is a Gloucestershire Archives and Museums Libraries and Archives project to extend the National Gallery's 'Take One Picture' initiative.  Its aim is to inspire local teachers to use heritage collections by providing good quality images of archive material to stimulate cross-curricular learning at Key Stage 2. 

We currently have two 'Take One' resources:

  • Take One Prisoner - which is based on a 19th century gaol register from Gloucester gaol.
  • Take One Castle - which is based on a medieval accounts roll from Gloucester castle.

Both can be used to integrate history into many areas of the primary school curriculum and make meaningful links between different subjects. 

Gloucestershire Archives also offers taught sessions on these two resources that can act as introductory lessons for pupils.  Please contact us if you would like to enquire about these sessions.

This contains cross-curricular teaching and learning materials based on a 19th century gaol register.

Activities focus on a few entries in the register that detail the sentence and punishment of Charles Aston, a 14-year old boy who stole a loaf of bread, some cheese and a handkerchief in Gloucester in December 1850; these are supplied as digital images.

The resource also contains background information about crime and punishment in Victorian times, as well as supporting images relating to Gloucester gaol and its prisoners.  There are also some suggested activities to help get your pupils' creative ideas flowing!

This is now available as an online resource by following the link.  It can also be supplied on CD-ROM (£5 plus P+P) by contacting Gloucestershire Archives

This contains cross-curricular teaching and learning materials based on a medieval accounts roll.

This resource provides material to enable you to use a 13th century medieval document in an exciting cross-curricular way.  The document is a parchment roll that details expenditure relating to Gloucester Castle during the momentous Second Baron's War of 1264-1265.  It lists the money spent on the castle's defences, making new siege engines, providing cloth for the garrison and also itemises the strength of the garrison and their wages.

The resource contains an introduction, selected images of the accounts roll, background information about the Second Baron's War and castles in Gloucestershire as well as some suggested activities to help get your pupils' creative ideas flowing! 

The "Take One Castle" resource is now available as an online web resource by clicking the link.  A taught session is also be available for a charge.  For more information, please contact Gloucestershire Archives.

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