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WW1 Resources for Key Stage 2

Learn about the effects of the war on your community

Use our FREE downloadable resources which were produced in collaboration with two local primary schools, Slimbridge and Berry Hill, with you class or study group.

Slimbridge Primary is using its blog to share what it's been doing so far - you can find this at

You might also get ideas from our Help with your research into WW1 and Help with recording and sharing your research findings pages. 

Main learning objective: to learn how personal communications were treated in wartime. 

Main learning objective: to create and publish a newspaper, demonstrating how British armed forces communicated news and boosted morale.

Main learning objective: That during WW1 British & German troops on the Western Front took part in an unofficial truce over the Christmas period.


Main learning objective: To learn about our local war memorial


Main learning objective: To use books and the internet to research and write information about WWI


Main learning objective: To find out about life for soldiers in the trenches


Main learning objective: Writing a postcard in the role of a WW1 soldier


Main learning objective: To gain an understanding about how men signed up for the war and to gain an empathy for the young men who signed up


Main learning objective: To capture the initial feelings of young men about to sign up to go to war


Main learning objective: To learn about the information that could and couldn't appear in messages home


Main learning objective: How did people feel about going to war



Main learning objective: Design and make a model WW1 trench in a shoebox



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