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Open Garden event Saturday 25 June

Come and see the beautiful Heritage Hub Community Garden as we support a local Open Gardens initiative for Kingsholm.  Garden open 11am-4pm, with refreshments available and an online display of some Right Royal Gloucestershire documents.  Just turn up, no need to book

Introduction to Heritage Hub online training for community and family archivists

Do you want to make sure you preserve your precious family memories or your community’s story? Do you have a personal, organisational, local or subject related collection or archive?

It could be a small or large collection of letters, photographs, documents, computer (digital) files or other records that have meaning for you. Maybe you have been keeping them safe so that they can be shared and passed on to future generations. Your treasured documents provide a visceral link from the past to the future. They carry a thread of emotional connection down the generations and across the wider community. They can show who we are and how we live, relate, work and play.

At Gloucestershire Archives, through our National Lottery Heritage funded “For The Record” project, we will support people to: “document, care for, interpret and celebrate their personal and shared history."

The team at Gloucestershire Archives have created this web resource, to help you look after your collection wherever you are. It covers the following topics:



First principles

Collections Care 1

Writing a mission statement

Collections Care 2

Protective enclosures: introduction

Collections Care 3

10 agents of deterioration

Collections Care 4

Protective enclosures & suppliers

Collections Care 5

Action checklist & how to prioritise

Collections Care 6

Funding options

Collections Care 7

Protective enclosures: which & how to choose

Collections Care 8

Protective enclosures: case studies

Collections Care 9

Caring for large & “outsize” items

Collections Care 10

Caring for books

Collections Care 11

Managing the environment

Collections Care 12

Emergency planning

Collections Care 13

Safe handling & use

Collections Care 14

Working with a conservator

Collections Care 15

Preparing for digitisation

Collections Care 16

Storage and security

Collections Care 17

“Dissociation” (loss of context & meaning)

Collections Management 1

Taking in new material (“accessioning”)

Collections Management 2

Copyright legislation

Collections Management 3

Data protection legislation

Collections Management 4

Cataloguing your collection

Collections Management 5

Oral history interviews

Oral History 1

Preserving digital records

Digital Preservation 1

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