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Heritage Hub Collections Care training

Online Collections Care training

How to preserve your community or family archive

Advice on how to protect and look after your physical archive


Collections Care 1: first principles


First of all, what do we mean by archives?

Archives are the record of everyday activities of governments, organisations, businesses and individuals. Archives may take many different forms – handwritten, typed, printed, photographic or electronic – and include audio-visual material such as video and sound recordings. As authentic and reliable records, they are preserved permanently because of their evidential and historical value.


Now let’s move onto a simple overview.

• Your records are unique and irreplaceable
• Treat them with great care as they may be easily damaged
• Avoid exposing them to heat, damp and direct sunlight
• Please make sure that people do not eat or drink near any documents, and that any tabletops and surfaces you use are thoroughly clean and dry
• Gloves are not absolutely necessary if hands are clean and dry but are recommended when handling photographs and negatives.
• Handle them with care using two hands to provide support, and a piece of card underneath if something is fragile
• Only handle photographs by the very edge and avoid touching the image surface
• Open books and other bound or linked items carefully, and only as far as the binding or fastening will allow without forcing or creasing. Close books when not in use
• Keep items in archival quality folders and boxes, as this will help protect them from damage and preserve them for the future
• Only use pencil to make notes
• Never try to repair anything yourself
• Digital records are less robust than paper or parchment and need active management.

Some useful sources to get started:

From the Institute of Conservation (ICON):
Documents and archives

From the British Library:
Preservation guides

From the Digital Preservation Coalition:

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